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Offering more for your money, the Sunwalls Modular Wall System are custom made for each salon. Choose from a large selection of melamine wall panel colors to personalize your store. Make your salon as unique as you desire by using a vast selection of laminates to customize and color coordinate the doors, countertops, product shelving & displays.

Having trouble deciding what style to go with or where to begin? Let our Sunwall Consultants help guide you step by step through your store design. We have helped hundreds of salons with salon layouts, designs, color schemes, marketing idea's, etc…we know what works!

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From our years of experience, we know that the more space you can utilize in your salon, the more money you can make. The Sunwalls Modular Wall System was developed to not only provide your store with a unique look & design but also to maximize the space available. Since our walls are only ¾" thick, typical salons have been able to gain up to 3 entire rooms by using our complete system!

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